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Learn The 5 Stages Of Body Acceptance From This Trans Man

This time of the year is when everyone examines themselves closely and prepares to make unreasonably drastic resolutions for the coming year. Your resolutions start out strong and positive: reading before bed, waking up at 6am and going to the gym every day, and quoting affirmations in the mirror. Then they slowly taper off, a cocktail here, a bite of cake there, until finally by January 31st you've dissolved into a pile of Hot Cheetos and Netflix on your couch, promising that you'll get that summer body sometime in April.... Or not. Based on The Kübler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief, this trans man has laid out the process of how he learned to accept his body instead of wishing it were different.

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1. Denial

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In this stage the individual denies the possibility that body acceptance will ever happen. They cling to a false, preferable reality that over night their body will become exactly as they envision it in their mind.

2. Anger

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When the individual recognizes that they cannot change overnight, they become frustrated, especially at everyone around them. Their inner dialogue spins in circles of "Why me?". They compare their transition to others and get angry that their body has not responded as they expected it to.

3. Bargaining

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The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid the desire to change. They question if their decision to transition was right. They negotiate their need to change in exchange for a former lifestyle. They scroll through old photos and question if it is possible to return to how things used to be and possibly be happy?

4. Depression

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During the fourth stage, the individual despairs at the sight of their body. “Nothing fits, It’s hopeless, Why even try?”. The individual decides to hide away from the world. They refuse social engagements and spend much of the time wallowing in the feeling of being trapped.

5. Acceptance

In this last stage, the individual embraces their current body with the motto “If you can’t hide it, flaunt it.” They embrace the slow unfolding transformation and learn to love themselves in the moment as they are while they change. The acceptance comes with a calm, joyous celebration for the individual, and a stable condition of emotions, song and dance.

6. The Joyful Celebration of Pure Body Acceptance

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