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    10 Movies With Black Cast That Could Be Oscar Contenders Next Year

    We all know what happened with the #oscarssowhite situation earlier this year. One of the excuses given for the lack of diversity in the oscar nominations was that there weren't enough movies with ethnic minorities to be considered. Well this list provides 10 incredible movies yet to be, or already released this year with Lead and Supporting roles being played by black actors and/or also directed by black directors.

    1. Hidden Figures

    2. The Birth of a Nation

    3. Fences

    4. Collateral Beauty

    5. Loving

    6. A United Kingdom

    7. Mr Church

    8. Moonlight

    9. Queen of Katwe

    10. Miles Ahead

    1. Who Do You Think Should Win The Oscar for Lead Actress

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    Who Do You Think Should Win The Oscar for Lead Actress
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      Taraji P Henson [Hidden Figures]
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      Viola Davis [Fences]
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      Ruth Negga [Loving]
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      Madina Nalwanga [Queen Of Katwe]