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    • kuhoor

      My best life is finding a balance between being social and finding me time. I always try my best to get in a morning dump because that really helps keep your bowels regular (perks of having a dad as a doctor). I eat a heavy breakfast and grab a cup of coffee. During the summer - I’m reading a lot more since I’ve finished studying. I also try to get in a workout at least three times a week. If I do have things to do - such as call up people and make appointments. I do them after my shower but before Lunch, so they are out of the way. I try to end the night catching up with friends and listening to music before I sleep.

    • kuhoor

      I used to work in NW DC and I live in Maryland. So in order to get to work prior to getting my license, I had to have my mom drive with me in the car (I had a permit) to the Metro. Catch the metro and then the Shuttle bus to work. This was all great and dandy. Until one day -my parents were out of town and I had to rely on Uber/Lyft to pick me up for the Metro. One day -I’m up at like 6 am - I ‘ve eaten breakfast and showered and I’m on the uber app. Uber tells me that its’ 15 minutes away - which is fine as long as I catch the 7 am train i’m Golden.
      15 mins turns into another 15 mins and I’m freaking out. I finally get another Uber (at 6:45 and it cancels on me - sends me a text saying I’m too far out. I then try again and the app is like NO UBERS AVAILABLE please try later and i’m like FUCCKK. I call up my boss and explain the situation and he’s like dude it’s chill (I work at a school) just text me when you’re on the way.
      I then call a TAXI company and explain where I live (which is right next to a huge private catholic highschool) and the taxi company is like ok we’re going to dispatch someone. A few minutes later the guy calls and goes we can’t find your address and i’m like fucking hell (my parents house was JUST built like 3 years ago) and I try to explain how to get to my house from where this guy is in Gaithersburg. I finally tell them ok - meet me at the school entrance near my house. I walk up to the school which is a good 10 min walk and I wait in the hot sun. It’s 7:10 - and nothing. I call them again, explain the situation and the guy goes oh we cancelled the ride - we didnt know where you were it’s too far for our drivers. Im furious at this point. I want to cry and kick and scream at every person. I had half a mind to take the car, but I’m one of those super moral legal people and I really didn’t want to get in trouble for driving without a license. I had texted my mom and she calls and asks if I was able to get a ride and i’m like NOOOOOO!!!!! and she’s like Calm your tits. The hospital up the street has a metro bus - try and see if you can catch it. So I start to walk up to the hospital which is about two streets down. I realize that the next bus is at 7:40 and that’s just waaay to late. I then decide to recheck uber and now it’s showing me ubers available. I ended up getting a uber at like 7:20 ish I think, a whole hour AFTER I was supposed to leave my house. I ended up like 50 mins late to work (just thank god the Metro was on time). After that I called up a driving teacher and got over my driving fears. Now I drive to work and the metro - thank god.

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