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Emma Watson: What Her Role As Belle Means For Young Women

Belle is Emma Watson. Emma Watson is Belle. And that means everything.

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What Her Role as Belle Means for Young Women


Go back to your childhood. Imagine yourself sitting in your home watching the animated version of Beauty and the Beast on your VHS, while you snack on some DunkAroos or Gushers. Belle was your favorite princess and you watched mesmerized as she waltzed across the floor in her stunning yellow dress and made a seemingly unlovable Beast into her very own Prince Charming.

You would dress up as Belle, look into your toy magic mirror, and imagine your life in an enchanted castle.

Fast forward 20 years. Now your children, nieces, nephews, or little cousins are doing the same thing. Looking at Belle with the same admiration.

But today, Belle is not an animated cartoon with a beautiful voice that resonates. Belle is Emma Watson. Emma Watson is Belle. And that means everything.

All one has to do is a quick internet search on Emma Watson to begin to understand the importance she plays in the feminist movement.

Watch her UN speech and see an intelligent, well-read, compassionate young woman give a talk with poise, confidence, and a message of equality.

Read a few news articles and see how she graduated from University and gave education an importance in her life that far surpasses any movie role, however magical it may be.

And check out her Instagram account where she touts the newest books that shes been reading or planting in random spots across the globe.

When I was a little girl, I looked up to Belle for her courage to stand up to the Beast and to be intelligent, curious, and caring. But then she was a cartoon character that existed in my imagination.

Today, Belle is Emma Watson. Belle not only exists in the make believe, but as a real person. One who supports equality for women. One who demonstrates strength of character. One who values education. One who exhibits courage. One named Emma Watson.

How fitting that a princess of our childhood is being portrayed by someone with such a royal role in society. And young women everywhere ARE truly better because of it.

Because Belle is Emma Watson. And Emma Watson is Belle.

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