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You Can Buy Your Own 1959 Master's Green Jacket For Only $33,180!

Hurry, before some crazy person bids even more.

Posted on / Via Twitter: @darrenrovell

For those who are unfamiliar, the Green Jacket is one of the most iconic trophies in golf, awarded every year to the winner of the Masters Tournament. The website Green Jacket Auctions (that makes sense!) is currently looking for bids on the 1959 Green Jacket, awarded to the now-deceased Art Wall, who narrowly beat the legendary iced-tea-and-lemonade maven Arnold Palmer to win the tournament.

Bidding right now is at $33,180, though it appears that an auction in 2010 for the 1957 Green Jacket closed at $63,000. The auction ends April 7, so plenty of time for the price to rise.

There's some pretty fascinating golf history alongside the listing, so click through to Green Jacket Auctions to either read up or make a bid. Particularly interesting is that after 1961, champions were only permitted to bring their jackets home for a year before having to return them when they went back to Augusta to defend their title. Prior to 1961, though, winners kept their jackets, which is why the ones now being auctioned date from that era.