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Who Is Better At Yoga, Kevin Garnett Or Alex Morgan?


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Kevin Garnett just released a video of him doing yoga, which is awesome for about 9700 reasons, chief of which is that yoga doesn't seem violent enough to be something that Kevin Garnett does in his free time.

Of course, his yoga video bears the question: is he better at yoga than Alex Morgan, who also once made a yoga video?

Garnett is surprisingly flexible at the waist. Look at him fold, like a 7-foot-tall piece of paper.

Morgan bends a little better, though, and she also moves way more fluidly, probably because her limbs aren't longer than most bridges.

Garnett says in the video that he's a "downward dog" guy. Is this the downward dog? What do I look like, Yogi Bear? I don't know yoga.

I mean... balance. Balance to the Nth degree.

I'll give Garnett the edge when it comes to extensions like this, because there are very few humans who can extend as far as he can.

But overall, Alex Morgan's got the better form, better style, and a way better outfit. Nice hat, Kevin.

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