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Was There A Hold On The Super Bowl's Decisive Play?

Watch it over and over and over and over... GIFs are the new instant replay.

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On 4th down, in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, with the 49ers trailing by five points, they took their last shot at the endzone.

The pass sailed over Michael Crabtree's head, all but sealing the Ravens' eventual win. But was there a hold? Did Jimmy Smith hold Crabtree? The refs didn't think so.

John Harbaugh didn't think so...

But his brother Jim certainly did.

Look at that photo again!

Look at it in motion!

Look at it using our rubbable GIF to see! Watch Smith's left hand on Crabtree's jersey.

So what's the call? Was it holding (which would have given the Niners another shot), or did the refs get it right?

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