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Usain Bolt Pulled A Classic "PSYCHE" On A Track Official With The Baton

After the 4x100m relay was over, Bolt was like, "Here you go!" and held out the baton. "NOT."

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Here's the race. Bolt gets his third gold of London and Yohan Blake gets his first.

If you pay close attention, just after the 50-second mark, Bolt extends the baton to an official and then pulls it away. PSYCHE.

The officials later forced him to give back the baton, but that hardly diminished the excitement of what the Jamaicans had just accomplished — they set a new world record, running the first 4x100m relay to break 37 seconds. And this becomes yet another moment that will go down in the history of Usain Bolt being awesome.

Related: the American men won silver and set a new national record, and the Canadian men initially took bronze before being disqualified.