Two Fans Wearing Green Bodysuits Got Eviscerated By Virgin-Shaming Announcers

    Also, mocked for being snowglobe-collectors?

    At Monday's Sharks vs. Canucks NHL Playoffs game, hockey was being played, as per usual, when something else caught the announcers eye: two men in green suits. And let me tell you: the announcers eyes were CAUGHT.

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    Per Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo's Puck Daddy, the Green Men are regulars at Canucks games, and they spend most of their time tormenting opponents in the penalty box.

    The two commentators launched into detailed and fanciful dressings-down of these guys, starting with:

    The speculation didn't end there. It got mean.

    And then it just got weird.

    Like... why snowglobes? What the hell even is a rainglobe?

    Heed this tale next time you think about putting on a green bodysuit.

    H/T to Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo's Puck Daddy