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Today Is The 20th Anniversary Of The Dumbest Moment In Basketball History

The Chris Webber Timeout That Will Live In Infamy.

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Sit down, kids, and let's take a trip back down MEMORY LANE. Back in 1991, five freshmen who were really fabulous at basketball committed to the University of Michigan. Fittingly, they were known as the FAB FIVE. The group included Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Chris Webber.

The Fab Five made it all the way to the national championship in their freshman season, but they lost to Duke. The next year, they managed to make it back, this time to face North Carolina. It was time for VENGEANCE. (They had to settle for a different team from the same state, but close enough.)


And then, weirdly, both Michigan's ball-handlers take off up-court, leaving Webber stranded. Not wanting to take the ball up, he tries to call a timeout, but fortunately the ref doesn't see him — that would be a technical, since Michigan's out of TOs.


Fault for the phantom timeout resides in multiple people: Michigan's guards should've helped Webber, and he claims to have thought his bench was yelling at him "Timeout!" when they were in fact yelling "No timeout!" But regardless, he was the one who called it.

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But there will always be that one "unshining" moment.