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Tim Tebow Is Speaking At A Church That Hates Gays, Catholics, Obama, And Everyone

Not exactly exemplifying Christ's love here, guys.

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Here is a video in which "Pastor" Robert Jeffress calls homosexuality "abnormal" and its acceptance a result of brainwashing by the media.

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Here is Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback and one of the country's most famous Christians. Tim Tebow is going to speak at Jeffress' church, which, in addition to hating gays, also hates Catholics, Mormons, President Obama, and pretty much everyone else.

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Tim Tebow has many Catholic teammates. He has had Mormon teammates. He has almost certainly had gay teammates, whether he realizes it or not. And he lives in a country where the President is a guy who Jeffress said is "paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist," according to Opposing Views.

Here's Jeffress comparing Obama to the Biblical Antichrist.

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Here he is calling Mormonism a cult.

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Here he is saying Islam is a religion that explicitly calls for violence and promotes pedophilia.

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And here he is saying Satan is behind the Catholic Church.

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Maybe Tim Tebow should reconsider this speaking engagement, yeah?

H/T to Michael Allen at Opposing Views