Tim Tebow Got A Full Series Against The Titans, And He Was Awful

For some reason, the Jets decided to give Tebow his own drive in a game crucial to their playoff chances. He did not disappoint, if you’re a Titans fan.

With 8 minutes left in the first half of a crucial regular season game, the Jets decided to let Tim Tebow have a drive to himself. Tebow has barely played the last few weeks thanks to injuries.

2. It actually started off OK: Tebow ran for a first down! Wheee!

3. All right, Tim, let’s see what you can do.

4. Not your best effort. Here, try and just run up the middle again, since that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

5. Tebow didn’t manage to get the third-down snap off in time, so there was a delay of game penalty. As you can see, Rex Ryan was very pleased.

6. 3rd and 16 — you’ve got this, Tebow. You’ve — ah, forget it.

7. Here’s video of the whole sequence, if you’d like to live it in real time.

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