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This Week In Hip-Hop And Sports: Let's Talk About Byron Leftwich

Action Bronson remembers the hefty hurler. Wait — what do you mean Leftwich is still in the NFL?

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Every week, a whole bunch of hip-hop gets released, whether it's in the form of free mixtapes or proper studio albums or random songs dropped into the vortex of the Internet. And when rappers rap, they often rap about sports.

Action Bronson is a New York City throwback, a slinger of densely packed rhymes whose references run the gamut from food to, well, food. He raps about food A LOT. Dude's a chef and a connoisseur. Actually, this isn't fair — Bronson's great because he flows brilliantly about a whole bunch of messed up and lunatic things. On his new song, "A Simple Man," one of those things is sports. The bars:

"Throwing darts like Byron Leftwich

Serve a fiend a continental breakfast out the building off the steps"

Because this is a sports section, I'll try to hold off from rhapsodizing about how Bronson walks through his meter and the innovative ways in which he portions out his verses, and talk more about Byron.


Byron Leftwich, heir to Chad Pennington at Marshall — RIP, Chad Pennington's career — once got carried down the field by his teammates after breaking his tibia and staying the game. After being drafted seventh overall in the 2003 draft, Leftwich had an injury-plagued and disappointing NFL career that now sees him on his fifth team and 37th injury. (A quick scan of Wikipedia reveals: a broken ankle in 2005; another ankle injury in 2006; an ankle sprain in 2007; an elbow injury in 2009; and a knee injury in 2010.)

Sure, Bronson could've run with a similarly-syllabled quarterback of greater success, like, say, Aaron Rodgers or Brodie Croyle (lololololol), but this kind of crate-digging is hip-hop tradition, and I applaud it. Also, the song kills. This is hardly the first time Bronson hit up the NFL for lyrics, considering he's got a song named after Miami Dolphins legend Larry Csonka, a member of that undefeated 1972 team.

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