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This Tremendous Interception Return Made The Giants Look Really Stupid

The New York Giants do not look like they won a Super Bowl eight months ago.

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Before today, Eli Manning hadn't thrown an interception since January 15. He has three in the first half, including this one by TB's Eric Wright.

After making the pick, Wright gets creative, traveling backward to juke out two Giants before cutting back upfield.

I'm surprised he even knows where he is. Nice try, Chris Snee! But that's not happening.


Wright makes it a footrace, and that works out well for him.

Once he reaches the endzone, Tampa Bay adds insult to injury by sending Eli Manning into the dirt.

Oh, Eli.

This dude on the left watched Eli's fall as Wright ran off the other way. He's keeping a straight face, but he's either crying or laughing on the inside.

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