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    This Peyton Manning Touchdown Pass Is Basically Perfect

    Perfect throw, perfect catch, perfect play all-around.

    After a blistering start to today's Broncos-Ravens playoff game, Peyton Manning found his team down 14-7. He decided to change that.

    Manning drops a perfectly placed throw right into the arms of Brandon Stokley, who he also played with on the Indianapolis Colts. In football-cliche terms, this is called "putting the ball where only your receiver can get it."

    Not only is the throw great, though — Stokley does a fantastic job of getting his right foot down, then falling to his left knee before he slides out of bounds.

    Stokley is able to look over his shoulder, find the ball, and then eye it into his hands while still remaining aware of the end zone's boundaries.

    Of course, Manning had to go and do it again in the first half: his second touchdown pass, caught by Knowshon Moreno, is a masterpiece of precision.

    Here's video of the Manning-Stokley connection.