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    Posted on Apr 18, 2013

    This Is The Worst Possible Time To Tie Your Shoe

    Mirza, buddy — you've got other things to worry about.

    How do you really know a game is pointless? When stuff like this happens. The Nets hosted the Pistons in their last game of the regular season, and Mirza Teletovic got a little...distracted.

    Instead of actually, you know, playing basketball, Teletovic decided to just tie his shoe on a Pistons free throw. So Andre Drummond threw the ball down hard, right in Teletovic's face.

    Just watch Teletovic realize he's completely out of the basketball play happening around him. It's like he came out of a trance.

    Here's the full video.

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    Look: falling asleep on the job, it happens to the best of us. Just ask this bunny.

    Keep that head on a swivel, Bunny Teletovic.

    H/T to Devin Kharpertian at The Brooklyn Game