This Is The Most Boston Thing That’s Ever Happened

Ray Rice flexes after scoring a touchdown, and, in a scene straight out of a Ben Affleck movie, a Patriots fan flexes right back.

1. The first touchdown of today’s AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens came on an easy run by Ray Rice.

The Patriots were the home team, so the game — which ended with Baltimore winning 28-13 and earning a trip to the Super Bowl — took place at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Fitting, because at the game we saw a uniquely Massachusetts milestone: The Most Boston Thing That’s Ever Happened.

2. After Rice scored, he flexed his left bicep at the Patriots crowd — pretty typical football celebration. In response, a Pats fan flexed right back.

3. There you have it, folks: a Patriots fan flexing at an NFL running back. This is The Most Boston Thing Ever.

4. It’s hard to tell what the Flexing Fan said, but let’s just hope that this tweet is true.

@BuzzFeedSports @bubbaprog if you look close enough he says, “Got one too bro…” that dude is wicked ripped.— Josh Macuga

5. The best part? Ray Rice’s reaction is pretty much perfect.

6. Takes a lot of curls at the Y to get ‘ceps like that.

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