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This Is A Memphis Grizzly In Mario Kart

Marc Gasol tweeted a picture of himself in a go-kart with the hashtag #agrizzlieinmariocart. I decided to make his dream a reality.

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Via Twitter: @!/MarcGasol/status/203135838811467776/photo/1

Earlier today, Marc Gasol tweeted out this picture of himself with the message, "Thanks to all the grizzlies fans all over the world for your support this season! #agrizzlieinmariocart." Obviously, he has a little extra time on his hands now that Memphis is out of the playoffs, so it's good to know how he's spending it.

But I was a little disappointed, because, as great as this picture of a seven-footer crammed into a go-kart is, he's certainly not in Mario Kart.