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    This Insane Gymnastics Backflipping Video Can't Be Real... Can It?

    Holy gyrations, Batman.

    This video, posted yesterday April 25 and called "Gymnast Got Some Ridiculous Backflips!", has just that: ridiculous backflips.

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    Let's go through it step by step. It clearly takes place on a trampoline track, and he starts with a double backflip.

    From there, he transitions into five backwards somersaults.

    And he finishes with what I think(?) is a quintuple backflip.

    This has the feel of a fake Powerade-style marketing ploy, a la LeBron James hitting full-court shots, especially because it just appeared out of nowhere, with no names attached. But maybe it's real?

    You know what I always say: Dare To Dream (until your soul's let down by corporate viral marketing).

    H/T to Reddit.