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This Cirque Du Soleil-Esque Touchdown Is The Best Play Of The Year

The Saints' Joe Morgan impossibly avoids three tacklers to score, flipping one of them over his back. Football at its best.

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Late in the first half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Drew Brees heaved a deep throw to undrafted receiver Joe Morgan. Morgan went to school at a college called Walsh. So, not exactly a blue-chipper, though he did have an 80-yard touchdown earlier this year against the Packers.

After catching the ball, Morgan did this.

Let's break it down. First, after the catch, Morgan stops short and spins out of an arm tackle, letting the Bucs player fly by.

He miraculously keeps his knees from touching the ground as his body spins around so that he's facing the other way.

Morgan puts his helmet between Eric Wright's legs, stands up, and momentum does the rest.

After that, he absorbs ANOTHER hit as he dives into the end zone. The ball comes loose, but by then the play is over. Touchdown, and how.

Here's video of the play: