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    The Year's Best Dunk Destroyed Another Human Being

    Brandon Knight is having the worst year ever.

    This is Brandon Knight. No, not the one in the yellow jersey. That's Kyrie Irving. Brandon Knight's in white, getting filleted by Irving's crossover during All-Star Weekend in February.

    So, Brandon Knight was already having a rough year. But it got worse. It got worse because he was the victim of what might be the greatest dunk of this NBA season, at the hands of giant human DeAndre Jordan.

    Jordan is 6'11", and Knight is 6'3", so it's pretty impressive that he tried to block the dunk at all. But... but. He was obliterated. He is now no longer living.

    Seriously: ask Wikipedia.

    Just look at Knight after the dunk goes down. He's lying there, powerless. He has seen the gaping maw of life, and it is getting dunked on.

    Help him up, guys. Those are good teammates right there.

    I mean — don't you feel bad for him? I feel bad for him. I feel bad for him, and I just spent an hour having an image of that dunk tattooed onto my forehead.

    And just like — the way everyone reacted. These kids. These kids were going H.A.M. They know.

    Blake Griffin had to be restrained by his coach, he was so moved by the whole thing. (And Blake Griffin knows what it's like to make another player disappear.)

    Caron Butler, who looks like Voldemort, was just like, "oh damn."

    And DeAndre Jordan? Well — you know you got ruined when even the guy who did it feels bad.

    Here's video of the whole sequence, so you can relive it in full.

    View this video on YouTube

    At the very least, though, Knight had a good sense of humor about the fact that he no longer exists on this earthly plane. He tweeted this after the game.

    It wasn't in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol

    It wasn't in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol-- Brandon E Knight

    lol indeed, Brandon.