These Guys Are The Goofiest Bench-Warmers In Basketball


1. The end of the bench on the Oklahoma Sooners appears to have taken it upon themselves to be the cheering squad for their playing-time teammates.

2. Most of their reactions are pretty basic, like the one above. Sometimes, they get into miniature little routines, like the one below.

3. But they pretty much peaked during the Sooners’ win over Texas. Up nine, Romero Osby hit a wide-open three-pointer that was only notable because Osby takes very few threes.

4. That didn’t stop the Oklahoma bench from losing their damn minds and playing air guitar like deranged pre-teen Ramones.

5. Just watch those two work the strings.

6. Look at the ecstasy on their faces.

7. Look at… this guy.

8. Put that tongue away, Cowboy Shirt.

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