There Was A Lot Of Kissing In The Raptors-Magic Game

Not just one, but TWO instances of kissing between players and coaches took place during a Thursday night NBA game.

1. Thursday night, the Orlando Magic hosted the Toronto Raptors in an attempt to snap out of a bad losing slump. Toward the end of the first quarter, Glen Davis took a hard foul from Aaron Gray, and he wasn’t happy.

2. How unhappy was he? Unhappy enough to get right up in Gray’s grill, earning himself a technical. But how close did he get?

3. Oh, he got close. Very close. Mistletoe close. In fact, this GIF really makes it look like he basically just went at Gray’s face with his lips.

4. Andddd…yeah, that’s pretty much what happened. SEXY.

This screencap courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine.

5. So yeah, Glen Davis is kind of a nutcase, but that wasn’t the only occasion of lips being laid. The game ended with this pristine DeMar DeRozan buzzer-beater:

6. Toronto coach Dwayne Casey was so happy that he planted one right on the side of DeRozan’s head.

7. The NBA: Where Kissing Happens.

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