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There Is A Person Bizarrely Capitalizing Off Kevin Ware's Injury On Twitter And Facebook

Fake Twitter and Facebook accounts have been created to try to build someone a following by pretending to be the injured Louisville player.

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As of yesterday evening, the account had only tweeted five times: once thanking people for their support and rooting for Louisville, and four times responding to prominent Twitter users who had tweeted about Ware. (Ware's real account appears to be @_Woody23; it hasn't tweeted since January 2012.)

Since then, though, whoever thought this was a good idea has only gone farther with it.


and a particularly bizarre spate of tweets making terrible puns off the word "leg." (Not sure how anyone could possibly think this was a guy who is actually in the hospital with a broken leg.)


The weirdest thing about it is that, as of now, there doesn't seem to be an objective beyond just gaining followers — the sincerity of many of the tweets makes it seem like just a weird plea for attention.


The account has resumed tweeting this morning much the same as it left off: "For every dark night, there's a brighter day" being an impressively dumb highlight. Although @KevinWare_5 remains live, it is in clear violation of Twitter's Terms of Service, which forbids accounts from pretending to be real people without acknowledging themselves as parody.

UPDATE: @KevinWare_5 has been banned, as of 12:15 pm or so EST. Count one for decency.

UPDATE 2: Here's another fake Ware account, @5KevinWare. Basically all it does is thank people, but it has 30,000 followers.


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