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    The Year's Funniest Play Happened On The First Night Of College Football

    Kent State's Andre Parker recovered a fumble. This is usually a good thing. But then he took it 65 yards the wrong way.

    Let's set the scene. Here are the relevant parties: Kent State is punting to Towson, and Andre Parker is at the top of the screen.

    Towson's returner just slightly miffs the punt as he tries to avoid it, meaning that it's a live ball.

    Parker grabs it on Towson's 6-yard line, putting Kent State in easy striking distance. But then... he makes a strange decision. He runs the wrong way.

    Next, the Towson players make a strange decision of their own — they tackle him. Obviously, they were caught up in the action, but if they had just let him run, it could've been a safety.

    He goes down around Kent State's 30. That's a 65-yard run. The wrong way.

    It gets even better afterward. The Towson and Kent State players are all so confused, they decide it would be easier just to get in a fight.

    And you might expect Kent State to be pissed, but they seem cool with it. Especially that guy, who's actually pretty pumped.

    Look at that smile.

    Here's the full video. Unfortunately, the play ended up being called off by the refs, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

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