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    The Usually Infallible LeBron's Two Crunch-Time Turnovers Doom The Miami Heat

    It wasn't all LBJ's fault, but the league's best player made a couple of key mistakes that helped the Pacers seal a surprising Game 2 win in Miami.

    In Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and the Pacers, LeBron James had a very LeBron James game: 14-20 shooting, 36 points, 8 rebounds. But it all went down the drain at the very end.

    Joe Skipper / Reuters

    With under a minute left, LeBron went right off a pick and attempted to kick the ball back to Ray Allen for a three. His pass was intercepted by David West, who had cheated off Allen to fill the passing lane.

    The Heat managed to force the Pacers into a turnover of their own, but the next possession was deja vu. LeBron again drove right, this time finding himself trapped by Paul George and Roy Hibbert, who was noticeably present after sitting at the end of Game 1. And again, trying to kick it out, LeBron's pass was tipped and stolen away.

    If LeBron hadn't had a fantastic scoring night, the Heat likely wouldn't have even been close. But that doesn't make it any less weird to see a playoff game come down to consecutive, nearly-identical errors by basketball's best player.