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The Two Most Emotional Moments Of The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl-Qualifying Win

Lots and lots of sports-feelings.

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Today, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 today to book a trip to Super Bowl XLVII. Atlanta went up 17-0 early, but San Francisco won the rest of the game 28-7, making the loss even more bitter for the home-town Falcons. (The 17-point comeback was also the biggest in the history of the NFC Championship.)

It was a close, emotional game, and the best way to demonstrate this is to present these two moments, in GIF form.

Second: Harry Douglas made this catch late in the game, and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh decided to challenge it. It looks like the ball moved a bit when it hit the ground; the question becomes whether Douglas maintained possession or not.

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