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    The Two Most Arrogant Parts Of Lance Armstrong's Confession To Oprah

    Call this an apology, or call this an interview, but Armstrong still possesses that legendary ego.

    In the second part of Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah, he had two moments that showed he still possesses the arrogance that drove him to lie in the first place.

    The first came when Oprah asked Armstrong whether Livestrong could survive without him. He said, "Yeah, I certainly hope so," but would not unequivocally affirm that he thought Livestrong would survive without him.

    The second came when Oprah said, "A lot of people think you're doing this interview because you want to come back to the sport," and Armstrong basically said yes.

    "I deserved to be punished. I'm not sure that I deserved the death penalty," Armstrong said. The death penalty refers to a lifelong ban from competition.