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The Son Of That Basketball Player Who Supposedly Slept With Sarah Palin Just Got Kicked Off Georgia Tech's Team

Glen Rice, Sr. (maybe) had a one-night stand with Sarah Palin. Glen Rice, Jr. has been charged in connection with a shooting incident outside an Atlanta nightclub.

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Remember when we discovered from the intrepid Joe McGinness that Sarah Palin had supposedly "hauled [former University of Michigan basketball player Glen Rice's] ass down"? Those were good times!

But with the good comes the bad. Rice's son Glen Rice, Jr., a junior at Georgia Tech, was just kicked off the team for a charge related to a nightclub shooting in Atlanta, according to the AP.

Rice was the best player on a terrible Georgia Tech team this year, leading the team in points per game (13.0), rebounds (6.7), and notching the second-most assists (2.3). Not good news for the Yellow Jackets.

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