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    The Ravens Won A Game They Had A 99% Chance Of Losing Thanks To This Incredible Touchdown

    With only thirty seconds left, the Baltimore Ravens sealed a trip to the AFC Championship game in the most improbable of ways.

    Rick Wilking / Reuters

    With less than a minute left in their divisional-round playoff game against the Denver Broncos, down by seven, the Ravens needed a miracle. They got it. Joe Flacco threw a 70-yard bomb to Jacoby Jones that tied the game 35-35.

    This was Jacoby Jones' first catch of the game. Only a minute earlier, the Broncos had .99 win probability, according to Advanced NFL Stats — meaning the Ravens' chance of winning the game was at 1% or less.

    A huge part of the touchdown was how badly Denver safety Rahim Moore misplayed the throw, jumping far too early and leaving Jones wide-open.

    After the Ravens tied it up, Denver elected to kneel, and the game went to overtime. Neither team scored in the first OT, but in the second, Baltimore's Justin Tucker kicked a 47-yard game-winning field goal to win.

    Here's video of the play. Baltimore will travel to either Houston or New England next week for the AFC Championship, depending on who wins Sunday.