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    Posted on Dec 11, 2012

    The Patriots Scored A Touchdown By Fumbling Into The End Zone

    You don't see this every day.

    The Patriots were already up 35-7 going into the fourth quarter against the AFC-leading Texans when Tom Brady threw a dump-off pass to Danny Woodhead out of the backfield.

    Woodhead, a tiny running back known for his agility, makes a few guys miss and turns the play into a nice gain.

    However, the Texans' tremendous defensive lineman, J.J. Watt, comes from behind and forces a fumble. HOWEVER, however, Patriot Brandon Lloyd recovers it in the end zone. Weird touchdown!

    The Pats score through a combination of luck — the ball takes a perfect bounce — and a heads-up play by Lloyd, who gets going as soon as Woodhead fumbles.

    On a night where absolutely nothing was going right for the Texans, this play served as a fitting coda.

    Here's video of the play. The Patriots ended up winning 42-12, moving to 10-3, and handing the Texans only their second loss of the season.