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    The ORIGINAL Photo Of "Barack Obama" Throwing A Football

    A conservative site thinks the image of President Obama throwing a football might be photoshopped. Fortunately, I managed to find the original version.***

    Conservative website Pundit Press has raised concerns that the above photo of President Obama throwing a football at Soldier Field, tweeted out by the @whitehouse Twitter account, might be Photoshopped. The writer cites:

    Peculiar things... the President's enlarged eyes in the photo and the pixels that surround his head and arms... President Obama is inexplicably looking upward, unless his target is sitting somewhere in the cheap seats 100 yards away....

    Not to mention:

    The fact that the White House may have altered a picture of the President throwing a football speaks to how desperate they are to perfectly manicure his public image.And on the bright side, even if this isn't photoshopped, the photographer did a terrible job making the President look athletic. Oh, and our Commander in Chief is taking official photos of him throwing a football poorly as our debt nears $16,000,000,000,000.

    Fortunately, I managed to find the original photo that the White House doctored to make it look like "Barack Obama" was throwing a football. The results... MAY BE SHOCKING.

    ***This is a joke. The photo does not appear to be Photoshopped.