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The NFL's MVP Frontrunner Had A Very Derpy Moment Today

Matty Ice might've taken one too many beer-bong hits of Natty Ice while tailgating before his game against the Redskins. (I don't think Matt Ryan actually tailgates before his games.)

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Going into Week 5, Matt Ryan is probably the early favorite for the NFL's MVP award: his stats are fantastic, his Falcons are undefeated, and he's a total frat star. (CHUG, MATT.)

But the beautiful thing about the NFL is that even the best players occasionally make egregious and embarrassing errors. Here's Matty's.

Here's the video:

Matt can laugh because the Falcons won 24-17 after knocking the Redskins' star quarterback, Robert Griffin III, out of the game. At 5-0, Atlanta is one of the NFL's two remaining undefeated teams.