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The Nation's Goofiest Pep Band Is Absurdist, Hilarious

Sure, Harvard's kids were something. But Iowa State's band, and their ridiculous chants, are next-level goofy.

This is Iowa State's pep band, performing during the NCAA tournament. Like any good pep band, they don't just play instruments — they also harass the opposing team.

Joe Robbins / Getty Images

And during Iowa State's second-round tournament game against Ohio State, the band has been unleashing some primo chants during Ohio State free throws. See if you can figure out what they're saying here.

The answer?

First free throw: "You're shooting a greasy bowling ball."

Second free throw: either "Quiet he's shooting a free throw" or "Why are you shooting a free throw?"

USA Today's Mike Lopresti has a few more, including my personal favorite, "There is no hoop."

Interestingly enough, opinions on Twitter are very mixed.

Some people are ready to freak out:

While others are feeling it:

This guy, though: he gets it. This is the prototypical March Madness tweet.