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    The Most Surreal Part Of Lance Armstrong's Bizarre Interview With Oprah

    You didn't call her fat?

    Tonight, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping and intimidating countless people. But he seemed to draw the line at a...very weird place, with regard to accuser Betsy Andreu.

    Andreu was the wife of Frankie Andreu, a teammate of Armstrong's, and both Andreus testified that Armstrong had talked about his doping in front of them. Armstrong testified under oath that he never told them this, and tried to smear both their reputations. He said to Oprah that he had called Betsy and spoken with her, and this weird excerpt is part of their conversation.

    Cool story, bro.

    See Lance Armstrong confessing to doping here.

    UPDATE: Betsy Andreu spoke to Anderson Cooper last night, and she was furious — "I'm really disappointed. You owed it to me, Lance, and you dropped the ball."

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    Cooper and Andreu discussed the "fat" comment. Cooper's take is pretty much perfect: "The idea that somehow, not calling you fat is any kind of consolation is — when I heard that, my jaw dropped."