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    The Most Adorable Athlete In Professional Sports Has Some Great Advice For You

    Change that face!

    It's already a matter of public record that the Spanish Muppet Ricky Rubio, point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, is the world's most adorable pro athlete. And if there were any doubts left, they'll be put to rest by this video. Rubio's teammate Alexey Shved was upset about how badly the Wolves were getting beat by the Lakers. But then our hero stepped in.

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    Like — that is LEADERSHIP. Change that face, Alexey! So what if we're playing three point guards at a time because every player on our team is horribly injured? We get to play basketball for money!

    Seriously, look at that joy. No need to change THAT face.

    Jim Mone / AP

    We need to treasure Ricky Rubio and his boundless, childlike enthusiasm. He is the Spanish Muppet. He is... ROLFY RUBIO.