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The Heat Are Growing Terrible/Amazing Mustaches

Shane Battier is either really bored or auditioning for the eighth Police Academy movie.

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Battier's Heat dealt with the Milwaukee Bucks in a brisk four games, ending the series on Sunday. Their next game isn't until next Monday, against either the Chicago Bulls or the Brooklyn Nets, meaning that the Heat have a full seven days off between playoff games. Multiple Heat players had something to say about it to Haberstroh: Bosh said "dudes get bored"; LeBron called it "the Hulk Hogan." Battier's own response? "I don't know what this is, to be honest with you." It does have something in common with a lip-warmer that Heat president Pat Riley once wore himself as a player, as Twitter user @Ms_Mambo pointed out.

You seriously had to dye it red? Come on, man.

H/T to Tom Haberstroh at ESPN