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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    The Heat Are Growing Terrible/Amazing Mustaches

    Shane Battier is either really bored or auditioning for the eighth Police Academy movie.

    ESPN's Tom Haberstroh tweeted from the Miami Heat's practice this picture of forward Shane Battier and his Milwaukee's-Best truck-driver 'stache.

    Battier's Heat dealt with the Milwaukee Bucks in a brisk four games, ending the series on Sunday. Their next game isn't until next Monday, against either the Chicago Bulls or the Brooklyn Nets, meaning that the Heat have a full seven days off between playoff games. Multiple Heat players had something to say about it to Haberstroh: Bosh said "dudes get bored"; LeBron called it "the Hulk Hogan." Battier's own response? "I don't know what this is, to be honest with you." It does have something in common with a lip-warmer that Heat president Pat Riley once wore himself as a player, as Twitter user @Ms_Mambo pointed out.

    Of course, as always, LeBron had to go out and top everyone:

    J Pat Carter / AP

    You seriously had to dye it red? Come on, man.

    H/T to Tom Haberstroh at ESPN