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The Easiest Stolen Base You Will Ever See

This is what happens when your multi-million-dollar baseball players just stand there kicking the dirt.

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During the second inning of Saturday's Tigers-Astros game, Detroit's Torii Hunter reached first on a routine single. Routine doesn't even begin to describe the way he reached second.

Hunter manages to catch the entire Astros infield in a state of near-comatose inactivity. The first baseman looks like he's basically nodding off before Hunter goes whizzing by.

And the pitcher? The pitcher is literally kicking the dirt like some bored seven-year-old stuck in left field during gym class.

It was the 37-year-old Hunter's first steal of the season. He knows it's not going to get any easier.

So yeah, Houston: you guys have a lot of things to work on. Basic human awareness should be at the top of the list.