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    Posted on May 31, 2012

    The Black Keys May Have Made The Weirdest Music Video Ever

    Filmed in Nashville, A Film By Harmony Korine: The Black Keys — Gold on the Ceiling. This is a clip for the band's single "Gold on the Ceiling," directed by Kids and Spring Breakers auteur Harmony Korine. Warning: GIFs ahead.

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    The Black Keys have always seemed to care more about their music videos than many of their rock n' roll contemporaries. (For evidence, see "Tighten Up" and "Lonely Boy", two of the better videos I've seen in a long time.) And to enhance their single "Gold on the Ceiling," off their most recent album El Camino, they've partnered with mad genius Harmony Korine — the guy who made Kids and Trash Humpers, among other winningly deranged films. Korine's also the man who will soon be known for corrupting Selena Gomez and turning James Franco into a white rapper, and he's long been characterized by his visually striking, low-fi approach to filmmaking.

    In his clip for "Gold on the Ceiling" — which the Keys are calling "A Film By Harmony Korine" — Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach dress up "Baby Twinz," complete with larger prosthetic clones of themselves attached to their backs. Then they get up to a bunch of madness, including sweeping puddles with tree fronds and hugging. We'd expect nothing less from Korine, and it's goofy and fun, in a very strange way.

    Also, here's a GIF of the Keys from the highly GIF-ready video.