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The Best Part Of The Miami Heat's Visit To The White House

President Obama tells LeBron it's his world, and Wade offers the president a contract.

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Earlier today, the Miami Heat visited the White House for the customary "NBA champions meet the President" Basketballers-President meeting. Early on, President Obama joked about how going up against him prepared guys like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to face Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He also showed off his basketball knowledge by mentioning how Wade worked on his core and James his post moves prior to the season, and that the acquisition of Shane Battier played a big role in the Heat reaching the next level.

The best parts, though, came when Obama ragged on the players: he told Mike Miller he "looked broken down last year... like an old man," and he called Juwan Howard "grandpa." And when LeBron took the podium, we reached peak Obama.


Here's video of LeBron and Wade with the President.