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The Best Moments From The McDonald's All American Game

Super-athletic kids who actually care about being on ESPN and have no idea yet how to use their preposterous physical gifts? Sign us up!

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See that kid? That one right up there, grabbing a ball that's below the net and dunking it in an impossibly small space? His name's Shabazz Muhammad (@phenom15balla). He was born November 13, 1993. And he's probably going to UCLA next, possibly going to Kentucky, and maybe (but almost definitely not) going to Duke.

That dunk came in the McDonald's All American Game, which was broadcast last night on ESPN. Every year since 1977, McDonald's has picked the best players in the country and pits them against each other in what ends up being a gratuitous procession of dunks, alley-oop dunks, no-look passes and hectic three-pointers.

This year's game was no different, and it was awesome. Unlike the NBA All-Star Game, which is usually marred by apathy until the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, the McD's Game started out furious. Guys actually played defense. Shots were blocked. There was jogging. After a while, everyone got tired and a little lost, which is fine.

And if you're a college fan with one of your team's recruits in this game, you're eagerly watching and rooting for the guy, hoping he'll give you enough ammunition to brag about him the next morning. For example, Rasheed Sulaimon (@sheed_ctmd1), a Duke recruit, shot 4-8 from beyond the arc and threw down some angry dunks. Kentucky can look forward to reloading with Alex Poythress (@AlexTheGreat22), who did a little bit of everything. And if I'm an N.C. State follower, I'm stoked for the tiny white dynamo Ty Lewis(@tylewis_2), a point guard who could probably toss the ball onto the backboard and have it come to rest there. (Not to mention the other two McD's All Americans headed to N.C. State, Rodney Purvis and T.J. Warren.) Then there's UCLA commit Kyle Anderson (@KyleAnderson5), a SIX FOOT EIGHT POINT GUARD who did this:

The future is only bright. Check some more highlights below.

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