The Best Celebrations Of The London Olympics

The promise of a gold medal breeds some great, great moments.

1. Usain Bolt Dances With The Mascot

PHIL NOBLE / Reuters

After retaining his title of the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt grabbed a “Wenlock,” aka the London 2012 Olympics mascot, and put it to work celebrating his gold.

2. Serena Williams Does The Crip Walk

Serena’s performance at the Olympics is one of the most dominant in history. And she capped it off with this exuberant dance, which many have speculated is meant to honor her sister.

3. Mo Farah Freaks Out

Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m for the home country, Great Britain, and then basically went berserk. (Pictured: Farah giving his friend and silver-medalist Galen Rupp a big hug. Not pictured: him rolling in Galen Rupp’s spit.)

4. Kirani James Trades Bibs With Oscar Pistorius

Phil Walter / Getty Images

Following the men’s 400m semifinal, Grenada’s Kirani James, in an incredible gesture, traded numbers with South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, the first double-amputee to sprint in the Olympics.

5. Kayla Harrison Jumps Into The Stands To Embrace Her Husband

Harrison won the first judo gold medal in U.S. history and immediately made a beeline for the stands, where her husband was waiting.

6. Daniel Gyurta Has A Copy Of His Medal Made For His Fallen Friend

Alexander Dale Oen was a favorite to win the 200m breaststroke, but he passed away from a heart condition a few months ago. His friend Daniel Gyurta won, and in a touching gesture, he made a copy of his medal for Oen.

7. Michael Phelps Takes His Teammates’ Hands

At the medal ceremony for the final medal of his career, Phelps didn’t just bask in the moment on his own — which you couldn’t have blamed him for. Instead, he gets his teammates into it too.

8. Andy Murray Basks In The Redemption Of Wimbledon

Julian Finney / Getty Images

Only a few weeks ago, Andy Murray had missed out on his chance to become the first British winner of the Wimbledon Open in three-quarters of a century. He redeemed himself at the Olympics on the same tennis court, beating Roger Federer in straight sets for the gold medal.

9. Robert Harting Rips His Shirt

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

German discus thrower Robert Harting tore his shirt in half after winning gold.

10. Elisa di Francisca Leaps Into Her Coach’s Arms


Di Francisca, an Italian fencer, won gold in the foil in sudden-death and then started rejoicing in the best way possible.

11. Chad le Clos’ Dad

South African swimmer Chad le Clos beat Phelps in the 200m butterfly. His dad was super, super stoked. His dad IS the celebration.

12. U.S. Women’s Soccer Does Something With Their Arms

After a goal against North Korea, the, USWNT showed impressive coordination — and less than impressive dance moves — when they did some cross of the Robot and the Wave.

13. The U.S. Gymnasts Tweet With President Obama

Just… yeah.

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