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The 9 Most Ridiculous Moments Of The Great Super Bowl Blackout Of 2013

The lights went out. Then weird things happened.

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1. FIRST: The lights went out. OOOoooOOOoooOOOooo

2. Joe Flacco took a little time to stretch it out. He looks content!

3. This 49ers player was reallllll bored.

4. And then we got a serious ass close-up.

5. John Harbaugh took some time to consult with his advisors.

6. And the camera found the world's weirdest Ravens fan. Seriously: he's wearing a CAMOUFLAGE robe.

7. Ray Lewis did this.

8. Anthony Dixon showed off his siiiiiick frosted tips.

9. And last, but not least, John Harbaugh found a reason to scream at an official — even though his team was up by 22.