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    The 4 Weirdest Details Of The Murder Investigation Involving Aaron Hernandez

    This is not your average athlete-crime story.

    Police have spoken to Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection to a murder, Sports Illustrated reported on Tuesday. That's weird. But the whole thing gets weirder when you look at the details of what actually happened.

    1. It doesn't appear that Hernandez is a suspect at the moment, but his house was searched by police. That's certainly a relief for Hernandez, but it calls to light an important question: What the hell does he have to do with this whole thing? And could he become a suspect in the future?

    2. A Chevrolet Suburban tied to the murder was rented in his name. Police are searching for the vehicle to see if it tells them anything about the murder and its victim, who has since been identified as Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player. Police also found a gun near the body. Why would you leave a gun near the body of someone you just killed? Great question!

    3. Lloyd's family says that Lloyd "dated the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend." A neighbor also corroborated it to WBZ.

    4. Police think Lloyd was shot somewhere else and then dumped in the industrial park where he was found, a mile from Hernandez's home. I'm not a homicide detective, but that certainly makes the whole thing sound like a premeditated murder of some sort. Although it also makes you wonder why they didn't dump the body somewhere it would be a little less likely to be casually discovered by a jogger. Again, I know nothing, so take my murder musings with an ocean's worth of salt.

    Stay tuned.