The 12 Signature Moves Of Pacers Dance Cam Kid, America’s Newest Dance Sensation

Kid’s got moves. All sorts of different moves.

At a Pacers home win over the Rockets on January 18, Indiana’s “Old School Dance Cam” trained its eye on one lucky young fan as Run D.M.C.’s “It’s Tricky” played over the PA. He took full advantage of his moment in the sun, deploying a variety of moves over the course of the next 45 seconds or so. Here’s a breakdown.

1. The “Look At Me I’m On Camera”

2. The “Egyptian Soldier”

3. The “Let’s Go, I Know Kung Fu”

4. The “Shakira”

5. The “Help I’m Stuck In An Invisible Nutshell”

6. The “Saturday Night Fever”

7. The “Riding A Child-Sized Horse”

8. The “Inward Jazz Hands”

9. The “Protect Ya Neck”

10. The “Shakira Reprise”

11. The “Step Off Haters”

12. And the Grand Finale.

Now, this is a kid who’s making his father proud.

Here’s the full glorious video of Dancing Kid’s exploits.

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