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The 10 Most Embarrassing NBA Bloopers Of 2012

It was a great year for goofy in the NBA.

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No, you're not. That was when you were good. Now you're sort of OK, and you play for that other NBA team in Los Angeles.

This is made even funnier by the fact that 1) the Lakers aren't even the most recent team that Odom has played for — he spent a terrible season in Dallas last year, and 2) Odom started his career with the Clippers.

9. Rockets center Omer Asik tried to grab a rebound, which he's usually quite good at — unfortunately, this time it went a little awry.


8. Blake Griffin did what he's best at, which is making seven-foot-tall NBA players look like petrified children. But while you could call Pau Gasol getting shamed a blooper, that's not it.


Actually, the best part about this is how that red-hatted kid to the right pushed the cups onto Knight so that they wouldn't land on him. This is his fault.

Be sure to appreciate the reactions of each and every person in the crowd. My favorite: the little kid in the top-left.

Thanks to the NBA for putting this video together.

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