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    Posted on Dec 10, 2012

    Stephen Jackson Fined For Saying Serge Ibaka "Ain't Bout Dis Life"

    He tweeted it, then deleted it. If there's been a better Twitter diss, I haven't seen it.

    Darren Abate / AP

    Stephen Jackson, who says he "definitely enjoyed" punching a fan back in the Malice at the Palace, delivered the best Twitter insult in the history of Twitter insults to Serge Ibaka a few days ago.

    Somebody tel serg Abaka. He aint bout dis life. Next time he run up on me im goin in his mouth. That's a promise. He doin 2 much

    The tweet was sent in defense of former teammate and partner-in-fighting-fans Metta World Peace, who combined with Ibaka for a double-tech on Friday. Jackson deleted his barb, which is a pity, because it’s pretty much perfect.

    1. He badly misspelled Serge Ibaka’s name, which shows that he doesn’t respect Ibaka and thinks that Ibaka looks like a guy who might be named Serg. (For example.)

    2. He mangled the syntax of the sentence. By separating the imperative “Somebody tel serg Abaka” from the message “He aint bout dis life,” Jackson demonstrates that, as a dude, he’s too busy being about dis life to properly construct his insults.

    3. He actually says that Serge Ibaka “aint bout dis life” when, in fact, Serge Ibaka is very much about dis life.

    4. The sentence “Next time he run up on me im goin in his mouth” is the weirdest way I’ve ever heard someone threaten to punch another person in the face.

    5. “He doin 2 much.” Too much of what? Because Jackson deleted the tweet, we’ll never know.

    Jackson was fined $25,000 for this tweet, which is understandable, since it’s a direct threat made against a coworker. It’s also a bit ridiculous, since Tim Duncan and Tony Parker actually pointed pretend guns at a pretend NBA ref and got away scot-free. But Jackson has a bit of a checkered reputation thanks to the fight in Indiana — which, remember, happened a full eight years ago — and the league isn’t going to let him get away with anything bearing any shades of violence.

    That said: Stephen Jackson is about this life.