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Steve Francis' Rap Video Just Set Music Back A Hundred Years

Sorry, Nas and Hova: you guys never happened.

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Steve Francis made this rap video. It is terrible, but in a funny way.

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Allen Iverson's phone: RING RING RING RING

Allen Iverson: Hello?

Steve Francis: Yo JEWELS.

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AI: Yeah.

SF: Yo Jewels man, it's Steve. Steve Francis.

AI: ...

SF: I'm rapping now!

AI: ...

SF: Like, making rap music.

AI: ...

SF: Like you.

AI: Who is this?

SF: Steve Francis. We played in like, three All-Star games together.

AI: ...

SF: Man, we should start a rap supergroup. Like, the Wu-Tang of basketball. I'm probably Method Man, or maybe Raekwon, you know? You're Ghostface, of course. Shaq's Ol' Dirty Bastard, ha ha ha ha ha HA.

AI: ...

SF: There aren't many other good options. Like, fuck Kobe, you know? He only made one track, he isn't a real rapper like us two. And like, same with Tony Parker.

Carlos Boozer got on a track with Twista, so let's throw him a bit part, like Inspectah Deck or something — I mean, I love Deck, but he's not exactly Tier 1 Wu-Tang in terms of fan respect, you know?

AI: ...

SF: Oh, we've got to get C-Webb in there. He can be the GZA.

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AI: [hangs up]

SF: Who we missing... we've got Raekwon, Ghost, ODB, Deck, GZA. RZA's like, Artest, because they both just shout like crazy people.

SF: I don't know about U-God and Masta Killa, man.

SF: Maybe Jason Kidd? No, that's stupid.

SF: Man, this is gonna rule.

SF: Hey, Jewels?