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    Stanford's Offensive Coordinator Is Now Called The "Andrew Luck Director Of Offense"

    37-year-old Pep Hamilton Shaw will now be working a position named after a 22-year-old.

    This seems a little hyperbolic.

    Through an anonymous donation, Stanford has ensured that former quarterback Andrew Luck's legacy will live on at the university by endowing Luck's name to the offensive coordinator position.The position will now be formally known as the Andrew Luck Director of Offense."It is a huge tribute," Luck said in a statement issued by Stanford. "To have anything endowed in my name is a complete honor. I feel very fortunate to have come to Stanford, and I have always enjoyed representing the university. The offensive coordinators I've had here helped me not only in football, but also to grow so much as a person. To be a part of that leadership and position is a very proud legacy for me."

    That means that former offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is now Andrew Luck Director of Offense Pep Hamilton. Hamilton is 15 years older than Luck. Not that Luck didn't have a huge impact on Stanford or anything, but seriously: he didn't even with the Heisman, and he certainly didn't lead Stanford to a national championship. Cam Newton did both before Auburn made a statue of him.

    In the spirit of the Andrew Luck Director of Offense, I came up with a few other ideas for team jobs named after players.

    — The Metta World Peace Team Psychologist

    — The Tim Tebow Team Chaplain

    — The Jermaine O'Neal Director of Fan Relations

    — The Jose Canseco Director of Social Media

    — The Rafael Palmeiro Drug-Test Administrator

    — The LeGarrette Blount Sportsmanship Coordinator

    — The Sean Avery Team Equipment Manager

    — The Pete Rose Team Accountant

    and etc.