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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    Some Reddit Dude Is On The Hook For $15,000 Because Of Two Basketball Bets

    Seems like a weird way to spend your money, but to each his own!

    Tuesday afternoon, Reddit user IsoSwagger — is that you, Joe Johnson? — made a bold pledge: if the Celtics beat the Knicks tonight, he'll give everyone who comments on this thread one dollar.

    Here's the link to the thread.

    And it doesn't look like this is the first time he's done this: he also has a wager that if Dwight Howard leaves the Lakers, he'll give everyone in a different thread five dollars.

    Here's that thread.

    At the time I looked at each thread, the Knicks-Celtics bet had 4,776 comments — it closes at 5 p.m. today. The Dwight Howard bet had 2,153 comments. That's $4,776 + $10,765, or a healthy $15,541.

    Now, he's probably safe on the Dwight Howard front, since the Lakers can pay Howard more money than any other team AND have the allure of Los Angeles. That being said, I personally wouldn't want $10,000 running on the whims of the NBA's most mentally stunted superstar.

    As for the Knicks-Celtics: that game's taking place in New York, and the Knicks have the opportunity to end early a series they've been dominating from the start. Currently leading 3-1, their one loss came without #2 scoring-option J.R. Smith, who will be back tonight. The Knicks should have little trouble winning tonight, meaning he's probably safe.

    If he loses, not sure how he's going to pay all 5,000-plus individuals a dollar/five dollars each, though. And apparently a few people have pledged to give their money to charity, so at least something beneficial could come out of it.

    But, future tip for IsoSwagger: normally, when you make a wager, you're supposed to get something if you win.

    UPDATED AND CORRECTED to reflect the fact that he will pay out if the Celtics win, not lose.